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Green Border Recycling Corp in Plasticx Universe

Green Border Recycling Corp
We are a company located in South USA and north Mexico at El Paso TX and Cd Juarez Mx area (borderland) Due our company was established in 1996, now a day we can say that our experience, knowledge and dedication in plastic recycling industry is guarantee of quality and business reliable. Our strategic location allow us to collect both, post industrial plastic and plastic scrap over two countries in a way that we are handling around 800k per month Also Logistic is not a problem due that geographically we are in the middle of Long beach Port and Houston Port and having locally all facillities to move container to both Ports in just one day. Even more to USA and Latin america´s clients Among plastics that we have all year long are: PET laminated or bottle, LDPE, film or hard PVC flex and rigid, HDPE, injection, extuction, blow, HMW PP homo, copolymer. PS high impact, general purpose Also we have engeeniering plastics as: PA, PC, PC/ABS, PMMA, PBT, POM, among others.

Green Border Recycling Corp
El Paso Texas

Contact : Leo Corella
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